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gentle reminder to those saying jemma “has turned into a badass”:

jemma simmons already was a badass


  • is an actual genius with two phds and is the youngest shield academy graduate to date
  • is a successful woman in a stem field
  • performs ocular surgery to save an agent’s life despite having no previous experience with it (1.04)
  • jumped out of a plane to keep her team safe (1.06)
  • went around the system of rules she prized and relied on when her team was in danger (1.07)
  • goes around the rules again to help skye escape (1.11)
  • tackles an enemy agent with a grenade so that it doesn’t hurt fitz or skye, without any thought as to if the grenade was lethal or not (1.13)
  • keeps skye alive despite not being a medical doctor nor having any real tools (1.13)
  • stands up to coulson about gh-325 (1.15)
  • defends a bed-ridden skye from a possibly-brainwashed coulson with a fire extinguisher (1.15)
  • uses her position at the hub to get more information about gh-325 (1.17)
  • stands up to victoria hand, both before and after she knows agent hand is not hydra (1.17)
  • stands up to coulson again to let trip stay on the team (1.18)
  • drags an unconscious fitz up from the bottom of the ocean, saving his life (1.22)

jemma simmons has always been a badass 

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Girl meets world addresses Cultural appropriation

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I guess Orientalism is coming back.

“Chinese Whispers” will primarily examine how eastward-looking Westerners have understood, misunderstood, and appropriated Chinese culture in an exchange that Bolton likens to a complicated game of telephone (which the British call “Chinese whispers”)

This is a v. bad idea.

Apparently it will have a display from from CD John Galliano’s spring 2003 Christian Dior couture show as the focus of this exhibit is Chinese opera.

You know this piece of fucking work.Highlights include:

… white people, man.

Katy Perry is going to come in full yellow face. I can feel it. I CAN FEEL IT.

They’re just being racist on purpose at this point.

You telling me you couldn’t find any Chinese fashion designers to feature in this hodgepodge smorgasbord of racism and cultural appropriation?

So many great Chinese designers with lines echoing periods of fashion in Chinese history.

So many Chinese actors and models that probably have more of a bead on this than the whiteout cast they’ve picked.

Why do white people do this shit. 

wait so they’re like “hey let’s look at orientalism, that seems cool” without like fucking POINTING OUT WHAT’S FUCKED UP ABOUT ORIENTALISM?


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I won’t be disobeyed.

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Blue from the amazing Raven Boys

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I have been blessed with freedom twice over as a negro and as a woman…or have I?

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White privilege is your history being taught as a core class and mine being taught as an elective. 

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i like flawed characters. characters with BIG GAPING flaws, ESPECIALLY female characters, who almost never get to fuck up without horrifying consequences and “being put in their place”. who don’t even get to show authentic emotion without fandom absolutely tearing her to pieces. 

i want female characters with flaws the size of tony stark’s but who are still forgiven, beloved, redeemed and ALWAYS considered a hero

women who aren’t uber competent or badasses off the bat. women who are arrogant, overconfident, who learn how to care for people other than themselves. women who are merciless, overeager maybe, bloodthirsty in all the wrong ways. women who are naive and soft-hearted, who have to learn how to stand up for themselves while still maintaining their idealism

tired of female characters presented as already efficient and competent in every single way, who’s only character development seems to be “learning to love” useless white male protag

[How about women who ARE badass and DON’T learn to love the white male protragonist? How about women who appear “naive” but are actually more complicated than that? Because it’s not like female characters get stuck with the “soft-hearted, nurturer” stereotype already. And being “naive” and having ethical ideals are not the same thing *sighs* ]

Also how about female characters that are just badass, who seem to always have some deus ex machina power in them, with very little logic behind it.
Also above comment. Seriously, can we have more women that aren’t ‘stereotypically women’ right now I see those as WEAK character traits because they are used pretty much for every single female character.

OH MY GOD literally the post is talking about how women can’t have realistic or diverse flaws INCLUDING being naive or “stereotypically weak” and GROWING FROM THAT without being torn apart by fandom and motherfuckers commenting on my post proving my point exactly

please give me one singular example of a “stereotypically weak” lady character who is, and i fucking quote from my fucking post "still forgiven, beloved, redeemed and ALWAYS considered a hero" 

because the amount of hate sansa stark and jane foster gets proves you wrong

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Shanghai — A Starbucks in Shanghai honors architectural tradition.

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Hey Sabrina, have you read The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa? It's totally awesome like Angelfall. Plus Allison, the main character is POC. I thought you might be interested. I'm trying to make it more known. :)
from: Anonymous

I’m currently reading the Raven Boys, but I will definitely put it on my to read list. It sounds like a really cool premise and I loved her early. Thanks for the recommendation!

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persephone and hades’ day off

(ref used for cerberus because idk how to draw animals ahskjlk)

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→ in that moment, blue was a little in love with all of them. their magic. their quest. their awfulness and strangeness. her raven boys.

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make me choose
waltersskinner asked: potions or defence against the dark arts

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